Our November 2020 program has been canceled, and a new program is tentatively scheduled for March 2021. Stay tuned for updated program details!

Jared Crum, Sliab Liagh


Show employers, professional schools, and yourself you took things further than you had to do, and further than you may have thought possible. An affordable, accessible study abroad option is now available to you. We’re waiting to answer whatever questions you may have.

A university education is less a matter of simply taking courses than of demonstrating you are an educated person. Among other qualities, it means you know how to carry yourself, regardless of what the world throws at you. Foreign study is a traditional indicator of educational attainment—not to mention intellectual sophistication and social refinement—because its value is proven. And now the door is opened to you, through a condensed, cost-controlled program accessible to all UWA students. Welcome to the world!